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Tone Idun Bolstad

Norwegian storyteller and actress.

 Tone a.jpg- Has performed and taught
    storytelling since 1990.

  - Has toured with storytelling
    programmes, theatre and
    workshops in Norway,
    Denmark and Sweden.

 - One of the first professional
    in Norway.

  - One of the first teachers in
    the skills of the storytellers
    in Norway.


Storytelling and performances for adults and children:

- Viking stories
- Folktales
- Contemporary stories
- My own written stories

Courses, workshops and lectures:

- Healing storytelling
- Storytelling as an art of performance

Project development for companies, schools, organizations etc.

 «Fortell» Tone Idun Bolstad,, Horten, Norway
email: fortell@fortell.no        004791370341